Pure Professional Privacy

Stop going in “clouds”.  Be safer with a private tele-server.

More than ever, professionals ask for privacy protection.


Feel safer today?

The Small Problem:


Large impersonal “clouds” use your data.  Sell your data.  The resale value of your data  becomes assets for Google, MicroSoft, Amazon, Apple, and their “partners” who use your simple “chats” to train their “A.I.” driven systems.  So far…Grandma’s only harassed by “robo” contacts strangely knowledgable of her life…But it gets worse…

The Serious Problem:


These impersonal clouds “cooperate” with insurance and collection companies, including state and federal regulators.   Today’s threat is not a 14 yr. old teen “hacker”.  The Datamining-Industrial complex wants your data…free.  Your every conversation is for sale. Hold on, Toto, this isn’t Kansas anymore and Grandma’s in quarantine for nothing.

The Life-critical Problem:


Enter the “Third Party Doctrine”.
If you naively give information to third party clouds, you have “no reasonable expectation of privacy”. No privacy protection means bad actors can obtain information from “clouds” or their “partners” without a court warrant and No Fourth Amendment protection. (Carpenter 2018).

Legal Protections


Attorneys need truly private talks with you.  Many have witnessed the evaporation of their clients’ rights to privacy. Smart lawyers see the need to protect their clients’ privacy interests.  Zakar on-premises servers return your privacy to you.

Medical Protections

Hand of doctor  reassuring her female patient

Important medical conversations and confidential medical information can be “hacked” when data is stored remotely.  Working families need protections during worldwide “lockdowns” and quarantines.  Zakar on-premises servers give you that security.

Zakar Is There!

State of the Art in teleportal-teleconferencing, Zakar goes head-to-head with data mining “Goliaths” like Skype (owned by Microsoft, with servers in the U.K. and Pakistan), Zoom (with servers in China), and Amazon,  (with servers in 10 different countries),  and of course, Google, who cooperated with China’s  demands to censor freedom-loving activists in the name of “marketshare”. Google servers are now in many non-democratic countries. 

Zakar’s servers are equally as secure as the “Goliaths”,  fully encrypted, but with added strength of being on your OWN premesis.  We also feature solidsteel firewall security of Linux servers and 24/7 tech support,  Zakar servers are best suited for the privacy protections demanded by the United States Constitution and all freedom loving peoples the world over.


FAQs of High Security On-Premesis Servers

  • It’s easy!  For one low monthly fee you can have your own conversations on your own server in your home office or wherever you choose.  Since it is your own on-demand teleportal tool, you can turn it on, off, move it or stash it away whenever and wherever you want.

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Fatima Abadi


As a former Oklahoma resident and now a practicing attorney, I have many clients who love the freedom that our Zakar server gives to us no matter what we are talking about. Thanks Zakar.


Lisa Ramirez


 When we started offering real private teleconferencing with our clinics’ at-home patients, the level of openness shot up thru the ROOF!  All thanks to Zakar’s server.

Bailey Reese

Firm partner

When the Carpenter case (third party doctrine) first landed on our law firms lap, I knew this would be trouble for many of my privacy-aware clients. Zakar eliminated that worry completely.


Rob Lee


As an attorney, I specialize in representing legal medical herb dispensaries.  If it was not for our private Zakar server, we could not be sure that our conversations could withstand assault from hostile parties. Now we CAN, thanks to Zakar.


On the lighter side of privacy protection

…have fun privately!

Zakar servers are perfect for teachers, performers, musicians and entertainers recording their “events” in realtime.  Then post them online.  Save them. Or share them with friends, family and fans!  Make Zakar your 24 hour private Window on the world.


Affordable End2End Encrypted Tele-Talks w/o 3rd Parties.

Silver Plan

Zoom, Skype, Messenger, and others like Google Duo “say” that they provide “true E2E Encryption”. The truth is, as long as they “host” your meeting’s data,  your data is still accessible to their employees and subcontractors and still subject to prying “3rd Parties” without a warrant.  
Zakar gives YOU control!

Only $29 mth**

**Priced w/ Auto-draft payment, $39. without Auto-draft.


Affordable Tele-Talks with Livestreaming and Recording.

Gold Plan

Perhaps you want to archive your meetings, conversations, events, or online training.  Zakar makes it simple with on mouse click or tap of mobile phone.  Enjoy live streaming and/or recording to your OWN server whenever, wherever you like.
Zakar makes archiving, recording and streaming meetings affordable!

Only $99 mth**

**Priced w/ Auto-draft payment, $99 without Auto-draft.


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